Notify. Alert. Remind.

Message Beagle is a simple text messaging service to help you notify your neighbors, friends, or teammates of important information.

Group message list.

Think of it as a group email list but for text messaging. Text one phone number to send a message to everybody in your group.


Remind your neighbors about an upcoming block party or make sure everbody is safe in emergency situations.


Notify your volunteer group about a park clean up day or if more people are needed to help at a soup kitchen.


Tell your teammates that practice has been canceled or that a weekend game has moved to a different location.

Why is Message Beagle better than group text?

Group Text Message Beagle
Size of group 10-20 people
(depends on carrier)
150 people
Name of sender Maybe
(only if they are in
your address book)
Support on iPhone and Android Platform dependent.
(iMessage only for iPhone)
Works exactly the same
on iPhone and Android
Anonymous group chat No

(via setting to hide
sender name)
Control who can add new group members No Yes
Control who can view list of group members No Yes
Delete a member from existing group text No
A new group is created when somebody is removed from "To:" and the old group still exists.

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