Notify. Alert. Remind.

Message Beagle is a simple text messaging service to help you notify your neighbors, friends, or teammates of important information.

Group message list.

Think of it as a group email list but for text messaging. Text one phone number to send a message to everybody in your group.


Remind your neighbors about an upcoming block party or make sure everbody is safe in emergency situations.


Notify your volunteer group about a park clean up day or if more people are needed to help at a soup kitchen.


Tell your teammates that practice has been canceled or that a weekend game has moved to a different location.

Fast. Simple. Easy.

Everybody uses text messaging, everybody has their mobile phone with them, so when you need to let your group know of something that is time sensitive, use Message Beagle and simply send a text message!



No monthly fee.

30 members maximum.

No ads for first 14 days then ads will be included with messages sent to group members.

300 complimentary message tokens per month.
(If you run out, you can purchase additional message token packages)


$4.99 per month.

Unlimited members.

No ads.

Includes 300 complimentary message tokens per month.

$9.99 for 300 message tokens.
$14.99 for 700 message tokens (Save 15%).
$49.99 for 2000 message tokens (Save 25%).
$99.99 for 5000 message tokens (Save 40%).

Try it for free today!

Create a group and try it for 14 days with no ads. After that you can continue to use it for free with ads or upgrade to a premium account.